Launching a Blog (for the umpteenth time)

I do a lot of writing and article collecting. It’s scattered in a few places. Where can I share it so people like students and various people I meet can find it?

For a long bit, one part of the answer to that question has been Facebook (+ its property Instagram), but that platform has issues as a long term content repository. How does anyone find anything there after immediate publication? In the end, that platform is really a notification and interaction stream. Plus, Zuckerberg and company are in the process of finding themselves at the end of pointy little sticks wielded by people of all political persuasions.

People I know are fleeing the platform.

The other part has been various Google social platforms like Buzz or Google+. Those have all failed.

So, here I am with a WordPress blog. They make it easy. The iOS apps are good. Signing up for a premium plan with a free domain is not so hard. The platform is built for consumers who want to publish but don’t want to maintain a website.

Let’s see how it all works out.